Possibly one of the most specular sight’s I have ever witnessed, the rainbow was almost missed because of the quality of the existing light and reflections.
I think I would have to place this in my top three personal favourites………….

Landscape, Nature, Photography, Skyscape

Glencoe Glory


51 thoughts on “Glencoe Glory

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  3. That is being the right photographer in the right pace at the right time. Well done on a stunning image. Landscape photography to aspire to.

  4. It’s a beauty! All my pics from that area were very colorless (cause of the weather & season). Next time I go, it may be closer to the Autumn season, to catch the purple of the thistles & heather.

  5. Amazing… beyond all the superlatives I could think up. I think this is the best I’ve seen yet (and it was worth holding my breath for.)
    I think I must reblog…..

      • More than happy to oblige… but also well-deserved!
        Don’t miss the compliments that were added at my site – from some who didn’t venture over here I ‘spose.

  6. As soon as it appeared I saw myself walking into it… Yep; I walked on the water and straight across to land and kept going around to the right. What a wonderful walk I had, Scott! That sky goes on forever… and I didn’t miss the rainbow, either…! Gorgeous shot, Scott. You should be proud!

  7. I think the rainbow is okay as it is. So it doesn’t dominate the whole shot and ties into the beautiful scenery. It is an absolute beautiful shot!

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