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Gordonstoun Autumnal Walk

This is more the kind of drive that you would see in an English Parkland Estate, but the this is the school grounds through which a young Prince Charles would have wandered – the light was dull and flat but the leaves would not be defeated. I had no tripod so placed the camera on my woolly hat – to get the depth of a smaller aperture and used the timer at 1/8 sec.

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17 thoughts on “Gordonstoun Autumnal Walk

    • Great seen a lot of these types of shots in England and North America but you have to be in the south of Scotland to get these sort of views normally this is right on my doorstep and I didn’t know it was there.

  1. Scott, this could be an artist’s impression of an Autumn day..! There is so much detail my eyes keep wandering all over it… Every single nook and cranny is covered by the artist’s brush… Fabulous image..!

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