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Watercolour in Light

On the whole I am about Landscape photography but I also love shape and texture in cityscapes. Anyway the bottom line is I felt it was about time for an abstract. On this occasion not using architectural texture but light – I hope you find it interesting and perhaps challenge your perception of my work in some small way.

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31 thoughts on “Watercolour in Light

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  2. Reflections without their object are always beguiling. I like the delicacy of these, and I bet this is a shot that just gets better and better the bigger it goes. Loads of lovely detail in there.

    • I am always touched by awards and love to be recognised – inspired even. The thing about awards is they deserve to be acknowledged properly and this is where I start to slip (ask Gunta) I have very demanding and responsible primary job – we all try to do our best as parents and partners – and as you know we all love photography and I fail – anyway enough waffle – I completely accept your award as I know you issued it in the spirit of recognition. One day I will do an acknowledgement blog and try to make up for my shortcomings……..

      a smiling & happy Scott

    • spot on Mirella – I get exactly where you are coming with your shot, I have another along the lines of mine which is devoid of colour apart from RED which seems to work. I just enjoy looking around – some times it works some time it doesnt

  3. I don’t believe you, Scott… You have taken a painting of Monet and somehow transformed it through your lens…
    This is exceptional, Scott… just exceptional…

  4. You are a very talented photographer Scott, with a great eye for detail, a perfectionist with a very creative mind using it to it’s fullest , maybee this says enough about how I feel about this post :)

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