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Taking in the view – Oldshoremore

Well as you tolerated my Glaswegian Social Commentary, I thought I may continue to indulge some people photography – here are three ladies soaking up the view in beautiful light at Oldshoremore, Sutherland. The view which they are not sharing with you is wild and magnificent. First and foremost I loved the light,  but I clocked the other person dissapearing (hands on hips) in to the distance and the wonderful white house isolated by the dark sky. I immediately thought they had been socially excluded from the bench threw a temper tantrum and walked off in a huff. 

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17 thoughts on “Taking in the view – Oldshoremore

  1. WOW! This is amazing and great photograph! First of all I should say this, I love your country once again, reminded me my UK days again… You can find something like that only in there, I mean a bank to sit in the nature world. How fascinating… Secondly, these ladies are amazing, I read on the next post, they all impressed me. And finally you captured amazing composition with these beautiful ladies… The light, the view around them, amazing, amazing… This should be the Photograph of the year, (in my mind will be). Thank you, Blessing and Happiness to you all, and love to UK, nia

  2. Wonderful slice of life photo Scott, although I’m not always in love with that term I think it fits well here.
    At one time I worked in a commercial advertising photo studio and I feel this has commercial potential.
    Possibly not what you were going for but I mean that as a compliment.
    Terrific image!

  3. A great ‘social’ shot…love it. You could of course bring to mind the Three Wise Monkeys…Hear, see and speak no evil! and no offense intended to the good ladies.

  4. What a wonderful picture of these 3 ladies! My travelling agency specializes in holidays for elderly Dutch people who want to enjoy the landscape, have lots of energy and stamina and these ladies represent the targetgroup perfectly! Would you mind if I occasionally use this picture to illustrate what my customers could expect during a trip booked with me?

  5. I don’t see any signs of guilt written on their faces – just relaxation and reflection – so I’m not sure about the social exclusion theory! The fourth person might just be very short sighted and is wondering where the heck her friends went!

  6. I really, really like this shot. I think they are sisters – they look so alike, all handsome women, healthy, fit, confident. In fact, they could be triplets! Loe this shot. In fact, the more I look at it, the more I like it. A shot that rewards the lingering gaze.

      • brilliant – you have depressed me not with the melancholic nature but by the speed you have written :D (large grin to emphasise the 2D nature that is my blogging) – firstly I must apologise for placing you under the cosh… It wasn’t until I had hit the send button did I realise I had challenged you again without any warning. As always you responded brilliantly – from my perspective never to melancholic (I am a bit glass half empty) but you generated a story line which I would never have considered and made me think – reflect even (doing that a lot currently). Which the more I blog seems to me to be one of the positive by-products of my posts is the engagement part – the result of someone else’s creativity making you stop and think. Thank you once again, you are certainly conjuring some thoughts in my head – to the point I will have a go at my own story of the scene – some day soon. Happy Wednesday Carolyn Happy Wednesday.

      • I’m so pleased you don’t think it too melancholy and I’m pleased to be a part of this little interaction between our blogs; you are a wonderful photographer Scott… (I’m finding the ‘creative engagement’ surprising and enjoyable too..)
        In fact, I’m sure I will be disappointed when you develop sufficient confidence to write your own stories and no longer have need of my pen….
        Happy Wednesday to you, too! :)

  7. I absolutely adore this photo. It’s telling so many stories in the one shot. Three beautiful ladies sitting together in the light enjoying a view, whilst behind them is a lone white house, a lone silhouette, a dark mountain, and a dark sky. You could crop this somewhat diagonally and it would be two separate, telling photos. Lovely.

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