Caledonian Canal Reflection S

Inverness Marina

I got this last week on a photo shoot in Inverness and had to share it – so simple so gorgeous for late November – the circumstances only lasted 10 mins at most – emphasising that you must grab the shot when you see it as light changes very quickly but it also highlights how you need to be ready to grab the opportunities that present themselves. I wont be able to respond to your valued and generous comments just at the moment but I will get around you blogs soon – happy snapping :-)


A Bonnie Day


Prospect Fire Crews WM

Whilst out in the town this week I spotted emergency blue lights heading up to Prospect Terrace, unfortunately it was towards a fire. Good news it was an empty property and nobody was hurt. The building has been empty for at least a decade, maybe more and was in very poor condition. I was able to catch the shot using my 150-500 mm Sigma lens (from a 1/4 mile distance) on a Tripod. ISO was set at 1600 and I used a 1/2 sec exposure. Naturally there is some movement but I think it captures the mood. I tweeted a version of the image which was widely circulated on social media. Several organisations sought permission to use the image as news footage including STV, BBC NE.  Scottish Fire and Rescue have requested a copy for their website, so altogether worthwhile having my camera – Enjoy

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Damping Down


Boat of Brig WM

The word Boat in this bridges name should be enough to identify that it is on the site of a historic ferry crossing of the Spey. What is perhaps more surprising, however, is that there was a Medieval Bridge on the site, later replaced by a ferry. The medieval bridge here was built by Muriel de Polloc, and seems to have served for many years, with the tolls supporting a local hospital. It seems most likely that the bridge was replaced by a ferry only after floodwater from a storm washed it away, although the date is not known at present.
In 1830, however, a bridge replaced the ferry once more. The structure was a Suspension Bridge designed and built by Captain Samuel Brown RN, and believed to be his only bridge. Due to the type of light traffic that used the roads at the time, it is probable that the bridge was a fairly lightweight structure. The tollhouse for this bridge still survives on the eastern shore. (The focus of my photograph)
The modern bridge was constructed in 1952 to replace the old Suspension Bridge. It consists of a single arch-topped steel truss through which a single file of traffic can pass. The abutments are stone, the one to the west bank considerably back from the river channel to allow for floodwater. The bridge sits next to the railway line from Aberdeen to Inverness, with the steel truss bridge showing a trapezoid outline next door.The other point of interest is that the bridge has its name cast into the small truss sections over the roadway at each end. (Historical from Sabre Wiki)

Some background for my mono capture – enjoy.

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Boat of Brig


Still Buckie WM

Anyway I thought to myself I better get a blogpost up or my fellow bloggers will be thinking he has sold his camera gear – this was a lovely calm day with mixed light which I captured when it was just how I like it calm warm and low sun. Hand held what can I say – enjoy

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Still – Buckie


Dunvegan Noir

I have been wanting to mess around with noir style editing processes again since publishing the ‘Wreck at Corpach’ so here is the result it only works for certain images and of course I dont want to over do it but I rather like this – enjoy.

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Dunvegan Noir


Break on Through WM

Not my usual type of shot but I was at the Run for Colour with my wife at the weekend and got drawn to the colour stations – might even try this in the Camera Club this season
I have a few thoughts about cropping and composition but would welcome any feedback.

The Run for Colour was a fund raising vehicle for the Highland Hospice – you can still donate if you wish here is the link

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Break on Through (for the Highland Hospice)


Nairn Beach WM

The simplicity of the Moray Coast at Nairn stunning empty beaches – no more than that

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Simplicity – Nairn