Dracula Inspiration

Slains OverheadSlaines Coastline

So it is Halloween – and so I felt a light-hearted post was in order – this is Slains Castle on the Aberdeenshire Coast near Cruden Bay apparently, the inspiration for Dracula’s Castle when visited by Bram Stoker – it is in a sorry condition now as the roof was removed to avoid paying taxes but it sits on a lovely rugged coast just north of the magnificent Cruden Bay Golf Course – flying conditions were on the margins a fresh wind and a nasty weather system was inbound. I am pleased with the results and will return in better conditions. Enjoy

11 thoughts on “Dracula Inspiration

  1. I couldn’t help but be reminded, Scott, of the Abbey ruins at Whitby, and the association with Bram Stoker.
    A great image! Drones sure are becoming popular for photography. It must be a very satisfying feeling to achieve such great outcomes..

    1. Drones allow access to views previously unavailable. It is just another tool however as equipment gets better it allows you focus on composition. It is still in its infancy as a medium although it is noticeable a much wider audience are starting to realise the potential.

    1. David after you see my next post you will be spending – it is a shot I have been planning for 12 months but needed the conditions to be right – Loch Laggan dam from above it is simply stunning a dream…. it’s coming soon

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