My Core Business

So lets get back to what I do best – I can make your home look stunning and ensure it has visibility in a highly competitive marketplace – giving your sale the edge – email or DM me for a quote.

9 thoughts on “My Core Business

    1. Glad you liked it – the entrance hall we call a Vestibule – Outdoor clothing and shoes normally but also an inner door which allows you to retain heat in the house when folk arrives. In the Highlands, during the summer the Main door is often open as an indication you are welcome. Of course in the City you would get mugged ha ha!

      1. I remember the concept (& the word) from older buildings back on the East Coast where they had more severe winters. Also, I might add the same attitude about locking -or not, doors. It’s very smart. I also like the concept of leaving muddy shoes by the door. πŸ˜€

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