Shapes, Curves n Shops

After docking from a 9-hour ferry trip from Shetland. This is Aberdeen Union Square early on a Sunday morning in July 2021. It may as well be December 2021. With the new Omicron variant pausing both hospitality and shopping once more – Covid continues to be a roller coaster. Throw in the banking crises of 2008, The Scottish Yes Campaign 2014, The Brexit Referendum 2016, Brexit 2020. With Covid around since 2019 until now the acceleration to online shopping, are we seeing the end of the Shopping Mall and the High Street Shop?

2 thoughts on “Shapes, Curves n Shops

    1. sharp Mr Oakes – It was a wonderful trip , July just before everything opened up, weather was excellent, I would love to go back – but hopefully the Uist’s and Barra next.

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