a fresh palette on East

After three years of only nature, a few people wander and explore Lossiemouths beautiful East Beach

4 thoughts on “a fresh palette on East

  1. “After three years of only nature”?? was it restricted for some reason…
    Love seeing stretches still left without so called ‘development’.

    1. Hi Gunta the old bridge was over a 100years old and had to be closed due to safety reasons, there was a gap of nearly three years whilst we replaced it (not helped by Covid_19)

      East is my favourite of the two beaches as it is quieter and the tide goes way out – just happy to have access again.

  2. I wonder just how long it will take for the Human impact to start showing it,s ugly face on this beautiful area of Lossiemouth?

    1. Fortunately, East Beach hasn’t suffered too badly in recent times, the key is for us as a town to manage it, conduct regular beach cleans and make sure there are bins which are easily accessible and are emptied regularly.

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