The Haar always Clears

The Sea Haar clearing at Chanonry Point Lighthouse on the Moray Firth – I like that you can see the small stubby lighthouse against the skyline beyond. I deeply connect with Lighthouses – I love photographing and being around them – you can see them from a great distance, and when you are close to them, they feel huge. Lighthouses are enduring with a simple role – to guide you when the path isn’t clear.


  1. Chanonry Point… definitely a favourite place on our travels. As for the Sea Harr, I recall travelling all the way from England in glorious sunshine, indeed a mini heatwave….. as we crossed the Moray and then turned right to the Black Isle that sunny July day became enveloped in the Harr. It remained for a couple of days. We do have many other great memories, in a variety of weather, of the Black Isle. Rosemarkie was always our base.

    1. We are very fortunate, David, we don’t see it too often at our end of the Firth, but towards Inverness, it can be persistent – the haar was clearing here, but often towards Inverness, it can struggle to clear. You can see some great temperature inversions driving into Inverness, looking towards Beauly.

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