Pizza and Vino

This was a May evening in Lossiemouth harbour – these are Yachts that have sailed along the coast from Nairn – they are enjoying the late sun warming their wine and Pizza. As I suspect, many of you (well, at least in the Northern Hemisphere) long for longer nights and warmer weather. This image is a hark back to those conditions. This image was taken on my Nikon D850 at 1/640 Sec F2 using an old 35mm prime lens. So it is a street photography/portrait lens set at aperture F2 (useless for the depth of field I wanted). Still, the level of detail is scary – can you imagine a modern prime lens at F8 – blimey!

I shot this handheld – so as not to alert the crews to my presence – using a tripod at F8 – this could have been exceptional.
Modern cameras and lenses allow you to crop in and also capture incredible levels of detail; however, in some cases, the quality attained is too good – if I had used all the power of the RAW data, you would have been distracted by the moss on the harbour wall – which would have detracted (in my opinion from the Yacht). Enjoy


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