Towards the Summer Isles

An old photo worth revisiting simply because of the breathtaking view. This is the top of Cul Beag in Wester Ross (with Jamie); looking towards Stac Pollaidh, you can also see Achnahaird Beach beyond Loch Osgaig and, of course, the Summer Isles lying just off the coast. A tiring but rewarding climb in my favourite part of Scotland, Assynt/Coigach. Enjoy


  1. Now there’s some breathtaking open scenery. Very much enjoyed…. also enjoyed the link to revisiting what appears to be the same hike. (Thanks for the link WP!)

  2. That great shot brought back memories of long long ago. Summited Stac Polliadh after a day treck, then down to a small cafe at Achiltibue for a feast of muscles and fresh baked bread…. plus some wine of course. It was hot and of course lots of midges to keep us company. Magic regions πŸ˜ƒ

      1. There is a well-established but steep path with some scrambling at the top Cul Beag has little or no path and is very tough we climb and descent. duilven is an 8 mile walk in. Climb and of course walk out which is why it’s not been done so far.

      2. Dim memory is that we started nr Lochinver and on route passed a well healed Lodge. I recall the ridge being sharp edged. Stopped in an old ruin on the way back (not a bothy)…. 3 days later we were on the Cuillins. 3 lads from Manchester enjoying our first real mountain experiences. So long ago we wore Army surplus anoraks…. no such thing as Goretex. Paraffin Primus and ex army mess tins. Fun days.

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