Dufftown Nightscape

Fournet Nightscape

So recently I was on a property shoot in the Whisky Capital of Dufftown home to such famous brands as Glenfiddich, Balvenie, Mortlach, to name but three. The client was after a dynamic high impact shot for the cover, we were in the Blue hour and the building was lit up beautifully – I wanted to connect the Clock Tower to the property and this is the result – one that I am very pleased with – the client was thrilled. I think it has a lovely seasonal feel.


  1. Brilliant! There is a marvelous festive sense that comes through the colours and positioning of the clock – the foreshadowing of New Years and the in coming year and decade!

      1. What an adventure we are on! All the very very best in 2020. My goal for the coming year is learning to grow wings. I think that there is an app for that somewhere.

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