Water a Study

This is a collection of water study images which has been a theme I have followed throughout the year – a couple of the images you will have seen before but I thought it would be useful to see the diversity in which one subject can be approached – it is a rather a dynamic subject as you can see with a mixture of slow, long and fast exposures included. Hopefully you enjoy them and if I dont speak before Christmas my best wishes to you and all your family



  1. Not a huge fan of long exposure water shots, but LOVED the Water Net and Wave 2 and Flow ing! The Water Net is simply superb.

    1. Ha ha – I have such constraints when trying to attract bloggers from the Pacific NW. You will have to bare with me as I have been trying to step out my comfort zone and at the same time improve my technique and compositional skills – if I have challenged you I must be succeeding in some small way lol. I trust you are all prepared for the season ahead and can relax with your loved ones. All the best Scott

  2. Best wishes for the Christmas Season and of course the New Year…. Hope you have fun with the family and time to relax……. as for the ‘watery’ images, well not bad for a beginner 🙂 Take care and have fun.

    1. David thank you so much – I hope you and your family share it together in good health and much happiness – it is rather nice to know we have been wishing each other festive greetings and keeping each other informed of the weather across the UK since 2011 🙂

      1. It only seems like yesterday….. Trouble time just seems to disappear like the image in the viewfinder when you press that little button and all you have left is yet another memory to go with all the other’s … Let’s make some more in 2020 😊

  3. Perfect timing for this post. I’m giving a talk about using ‘shutter priority’ this Thursday at my local photo club. I may show these beautiful images for examples. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas as well!

    1. Emotional connection wow that’s great to hear – really just trying to get out my comfort zone and try new styles whilst improving my technique. Have a wonderful holiday period 2020 has to be better for all

    1. Micheal good response – I know they are not everybodies cup of tea but just trying to improve and stretch myself. Have a wonderful time with family and friends and I look forward to chatting again in 2020. Scott

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