This Year – I will Look Up

So this is the post where traditionally, I wish you a Happy New Year – however, I decided to be a little blunter – a little more direct. This post shares my aim for this year – more photos – less prescription – more of what I want to post – less of what I think maybe appreciated. So lets all blog for us (our passion), publishing exactly what makes us happy.


  1. New Year resolutions never seem to last after January. But I guess you have always been creative in your posts. Looking forward to seeing more post. :- providing work doesn’t get in your way 🙂

    1. I am certain this line of work will always get in the way – it is the nature of the business; I am thankful for the job and enjoy the work, but I would also like to slow down a little – that, unfortunately, depends on other peoples circumstances – so we shall see.

  2. The question is raised, you answered it…. now like all New Year resolutions you have to stick with it for more than January. Seriously though, I did think you posted what you wanted, that appeals to you. Seems to have worked. Maybe that is the real issue….. work gets in the way of life 😄

  3. Well said, Scott. I agree wholeheartedly. I came to blogging to explore ideas, gain insight into art, philosophy, history etc. I believe that we must first give thought to our creative journey. Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year, Rebecca – blogging for me started to find some credibility and learn. I have learned beyond my expectation tbh. Interestingly not just from photographers – especially from people like yourself with such breadth of knowledge. I spent several years looking at how the classic painters used colour and composition ( Your Vermeer piece is a perfect example of that) but interestingly – I seemed to have drawn most from Cinema and drive my wife nuts – pausing films to discuss composition. lol

      1. I have learned so much about photography from following your posts, Scott. By the way, we will be returning your side of the world in late 2023 or early 2024. Covid postponed many travel plans, but we persevere. Looking forward to where the road will lead in 2023.

  4. The age old question of who to blog for … I think it all depends on what you are providing and what the needs are of yourself and others …

    1. Absolutely – but I think I have discovered – you need to be quite selfish and do exactly what you want, like most things in life – to thine oneself be true.

      1. If you are true to yourself you will always love your writing certainly. I like to allow others to influence my blog though, after all, I have posted it online … 🙂

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