Glencoe Glory

Possibly one of the most spectacular sight’s I have ever witnessed, the rainbow was almost missed because of the quality of the existing light and reflections.
I think I would have to place this in my top three personal favourites………….


  1. That is being the right photographer in the right pace at the right time. Well done on a stunning image. Landscape photography to aspire to.

  2. It’s a beauty! All my pics from that area were very colorless (cause of the weather & season). Next time I go, it may be closer to the Autumn season, to catch the purple of the thistles & heather.

    1. You are right autumn offers the russet tones of rotting ferns and low sun only the second time I have seen it like this myself but the rainbow topped it.

    1. completely and utterly chuffed to bits haven’t stopped smiling since and to get this response on the blog even better. Had a great couple of weeks photo wise just back from Glen Affric wow what a location – got some cracking reflection in the pipeline.

  3. Amazing… beyond all the superlatives I could think up. I think this is the best I’ve seen yet (and it was worth holding my breath for.)
    I think I must reblog…..

      1. More than happy to oblige… but also well-deserved!
        Don’t miss the compliments that were added at my site – from some who didn’t venture over here I ‘spose.

  4. As soon as it appeared I saw myself walking into it… Yep; I walked on the water and straight across to land and kept going around to the right. What a wonderful walk I had, Scott! That sky goes on forever… and I didn’t miss the rainbow, either…! Gorgeous shot, Scott. You should be proud!

    1. Very proud and glad you enjoyed the walk – it has real space in it so much going on with the light – can still remember looking over my shoulder and thinking got 5 mins plus of this amazing

  5. I think the rainbow is okay as it is. So it doesn’t dominate the whole shot and ties into the beautiful scenery. It is an absolute beautiful shot!

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