Hopeman Panorama (5 images)

Hopeman Panorama

A glorious day today on the Moray Coast, the shot I was composing was simply not going to happen with a standard 24mm lens – so I decided to take a panorama of 5 images – Hopeman beach is more than just the coloured huts it is a rock-pool extravaganza with the tidal pools flushed twice daily it is a lovely clean beach with great dunes and protected by wonderful yellow gorse.

The blog has also passed a couple of barriers recently with 80,000 views and 800 followers onwards towards 100K :-). I value all your support and encouragement and in return I love seeing your images too. Moreover I get to steal your ideas and destinations (at least in my dreams). Thanks for watching Scott


  1. That’s wonderful Scott, both the picture and the progress with your blog. As I’ve often thought before, you live in a beautiful bit of the country.

    1. This will make you laugh – I was on a Social media Strategy workshop this week and as demo the organiser tweeted my blog I go 300 hits that night and 200 the following day – mad

    1. Thanks Chillbrook – stats as we know are only part of the story – but for me the give me an indication I am doing something right 🙂

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