Colour Me RAD

A rush post to make sure I have a least 3 in June – taking lots of shots just not the time to edit them. Something a wee bit different from me but – well worthy of a share – my son and daughter covered themselves in coloured powder for some fun and charity – the day  was perfect for photos and I had great fun deciding which ones to post. I hope that they convey the fun that everyone not just these guys had – a real good feeling and great photos to boot.

CMR Jump zoom

Jumping for joy at the end of the 5K run

Colour Me RAD

my daughter obviously buzzing

CMR Calum Colour Selection

posing not a skill acquired from his father

CMR Lora V

Peace Man!

CMR Calum Pose closer

Oh so cool 🙂


    1. It was simply a fun event who give a portion of the profits to charity (30%) I think but my daughter decided to do a separate charity push benefiting the Childhood Cancer Trust – the bottom line though was having a smile and it remained dry and sunny – perfect.

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