Findhorn “Big Sky” and “Impending”

Impending FindhornFindhorn Big Sky


These two shots were taken from the same location on the same beach within 10 mins of each other (one looks west and one looks east) but that is where the similarity ends as the light determines the rest – quiet simply why I love living on the magnificent “Moray Coast”


  1. Oh, I said as I first saw these pics. Oh, aren’t they just gorgeous.! Such contrast between them. Then I read your words. Same scene, different angle and light.
    Wow, Scott, you are indeed a lucky man..!

  2. Fantastic lighting and fantastic shots, I’m particularly drawn to the first shot I love the battle between the storm and the sun 🙂

  3. Wonderful images, Scott and a reminder to always look the other way when taking a photo.

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