WordPress, I hope you are listening – as I doubt if I am a single voice. So I came on to the blog to pop out a simple and uncomplicated post showing the simple Aberdeenshire landscape in all it’s glory and got completely irritated, trying get my head around yet another interface change that I didn’t ask for – by all means offer a different editor but I want my classic editor back thank you. Dear WordPress you very lucky that you have taken my annual subscription yesterday because – I may well have voted with my feet.


    1. Yes the “shire” is a huge expanse of rolling hills and farmland – not on the scale you have but it takes up as very large area of Scotland – each season offers something different.

      1. The rolling hills with the yellow plants (mustard?) look very much like the scenes where my grandkids live/lived (inland near the northern bit of the state). They’ve been evacuated because of the fires. There are so many fires going on the western edge of the state, it’s hard to keep up. We had one serious fire pushing north across the California border, but things appear to be calming down for now. We won’t be “out of the woods” so to speak until we get some much needed rain.

  1. What beautiful images of such a lovely landscape. I totally agree, WP is whacky and it is beyond frustrating. 😏

  2. Nice selection, Scott.

    BTW, the Classic Editor is still available via the classic control panel – easiest way to get to it is just to slap /wp-admin on the end of your blog URL.

    take care

  3. And how much do I not agree, Scott…I hate this new thing and was nearly giving up. I cannot place my photos as I want and not change the text as I want. It took me a week to figure out how to get rid of a photo I had put in. TOO inconsistent and non logical. In fact I still think of quitting my blog.
    Love your gallery here – my kind of colours and landscapes. Hope you are doing well these strange times.

    1. Leya, I really hope you dont quit you have such a fantastic blog, also once it was highlighted to me that I can still use the classic editor – I calmed down a bit. But you are so correct about the strange times – I am amazed at how world wide the problems are. Scotland are getting of lightly in comparison to some. But I fear the economic impact will affect many many families.

      1. Yes…strange times. Thank you for your kind words about my blog, although I struggle to keep the energy sometimes. Stay well and safe in your beautiful country!

    1. Hey Carolyn Thanks – I am sure if I had a little more time I would have figured it out, but time has been of a premium and my tolerance levels probably dropped a bit lol

  4. Lovely sea andcshirescapes….i also share your frustrations with WP. True you can still access Classic in the block menu butbits not quite the same smooth edit. Nor are the sidebar tools a simple click away. I have struggled for a week now and still fail to find it easy or trouble free.

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