Run Free Benji

Unsurprising fact – it has taken me almost a week to be capable off posting this blog. I cannot lie our whole family have been devastated with the loss of Benji at the Grand old Age of Fifteen. He had a great innings and collectively we were able to say our good byes and give him one last trip to the beach which made things a touche easier. In all honesty I had forgotten how hard losing your dog is – I am doing some admin today working from home and keep expecting him to come up stairs demanding to be walked at the most inconvenient time possible – earlier I thought I heard him shaking his coat downstairs – why is he not barking at the postman or the seagull doing the rain-dance on the front garden. He was like me a grumpy old man but the most unconditional bundle of love you could wish to meet. At the 12 year point and fully established as the family favorite he had to accommodate a grand-child. To begin with Benji found it hard but first he learned to tolerate and then he loved her because at 3 years old she would throw his ball and cuddle him unconditionally too. Benji, was an endless ball of energy wrapped in love and as my Mum pointed out to me “who is going to take me for my exercise now”. Run free Benji


  1. Touching post ~ it is amazing how connected, deeply connected and touched we can get with our dogs. Always sad when they pass away, but those memories are something else ~ they continue to make me smile.

  2. Aw, Scott, I am so sorry to read this. I remember only too well when we lost Flex, some years ago now. Even now, occasionally, I hear the jingle of the tags on his collar, or see a flash of black and white in the corner of my eye. They are so much more than pets and their loss cuts deep. My sympathy x

  3. Such beautiful images, Scott; but then you had a wonderfully photogenic subject… !! Maybe he’ll meet up with our ‘Sweetie’.
    Even now, eight months later, I call our other girl by Sweetie’s name. Just a moment of recollection of her beautiful presence, and then it’s back to reality!
    Does take time. Take all the time you need.

    1. Hey, Carolyn thank you for your kind words – amazed the impact he had but life must go on. I am sure Sweetie n Benji are discussing us humans 🙂

  4. So very sorry. I’ve been through that enough times to know how hard it can be! I’m seeing signs that my little sweetheart of a pup (just over 12 yrs) is beginning to show the signs of slowing down that I dread so much.

    Hang in there… hopefully the pain and loss will fade to loving memories. Your post seems to have made a start. Lovely shots of such a sweet pup!!!

  5. Just over 3 years since we lost our Carla…. still a big hole in our lives. Buster out Jackstaff still looks for her. They say time heals but it takes a long long time. Just remember the good times.

  6. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s not easy loosing a furry member of the family. I still miss my dog. The best to you and yours.

    1. Michael – I knew you of all people would understand my post. I hope you are well in these unique and difficult times. I am working myself silly which has limited my time on here. All the best Scott

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