Feeling Blue

Spey Bay Receding Tide s

Its been quite a year for everyone – this image depicts my mood presently – I haven’t come up for breath since evolving my career when returning to work in July after 3 months of furlough – then we lost Benji – thank you everyone for all your lovely comments and understanding.

I guess like everyone I am just tired, blue and flat like the Covid_19 restrictions occasionally wear you down…


  1. Indeed, they can wear you down, Scott. On top of losing your little Benji, blue is indeed an appropriate colour.
    On a brighter note: The image is lovely. I feel I’m being drawn into it; peaceful and calm.

    1. Carolyn yes it is a really peaceful scene especially with the back drop of the sea haar and rolling gentle waves. I trust you are well and have survived a Covid_19 election.

      1. Thankfully, Scott, being an Aussie I haven’t had much to do with ‘the election’; except watching it unfold on our daily news. Nice to see it’s coming to an end…
        As far as Covid is concerned; also in Australia the infection rate is minimal and life goes on pretty much as usual. We abide by social distancing, as much as possible; and gatherings are limited. But, all in all, Scott, it’s been okay. People even seem more relaxed – if this is possible!

      2. Carolyn, that is great to hear I was more interested in the US election than those in the UK lol – interestingly I have been completely absorbed a Australian/US TV Program called Pine Gap which if you haven’t seen it then I recommend it, far to close to the truth I am sure.

  2. Sad unsettled times indeed. Thing is to keep on plowing through until we come out the end of the tunnel. I suspect restrictions might hit harder for those craving lost freedom. I’m rather enjoying going back in time through my massive collection of photos. (Whether posted, or not.) It’s been giving me a bit of time to do some sorting… so not all is lost. Blue isn’t so bad either. Personally, I find that blue rather soothing.

    1. Hey Gunta, lovely thoughts blue and the ocean is definitely soothing. I thoroughly enjoyed my break from normality through lockdown plus when I returned to work I was so busy – I didn’t have time to blink but all is good just missing travel and need a holiday but we are so better off than most.

  3. For all sorts of reasons this year has brought about change for all of us. Some changes forced, others because we need to break out of this pandemic malaise. Finding ways to cope without endangering ourselves or others. There have been days when one feels you have turned a corner…. then the following day a reality brings you back to earth. Yep, some days I do feel more than a little blue, midnight blue. Then some little thing happens and the sun comes out again. The one niggle I have eating away at me, is that winter is on the way. But heyho we have Autumn first. 😃

    1. Thank you for your kind words David – I think once lock down was complete I was so busy I didn’t stop and think. In general I am feeling good but every so often I feel really flat but fortunately I awake the following day and off we go. So I completely tune in to your words and Autumn was wonderful plus we are getting some great winter days currently.

      1. Winter…. we are still just enjoying autumn. Seemed late starting this season, like the overall climate, it is rather different, some trees golden as usual, others have just dropped. First Fogs today, so I guess winter is on the way. Take care.

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