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Where has he been? The blogger who hasn’t blogged. Well in all truth I am not sure – like many of you I was furloughed on the government Covid_19 scheme. And I like many other people just didn’t know what the future held. My mind like everyone’s was working overtime – if I am made redundant and need to go freelance – all the sources that I would have naturally turned too for work would be struggling themselves the Hotel industry, Guest houses, BnB’s, Airbnb etc. So, the call came and it wasn’t what I feared (we need to let you go) it was – we want to retrain you to become a Property Valuer in the world of the Estate Agency use the knowledge of the industry you have absorbed over the last 6 years and apply it differently. To say my head has been on fire is a complete understatement. My career evolution could not have arrived in more challenging set of circumstances as a frustrated population inflamed the property market like never before. But I feel I am coming through the madness and I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I am fortunate – I have a job and I am thankful for that. I still get to do the best job in the world which is shooting people’s homes but now I know I have signed the property, wrote the text, took the photographs marketed it and sold. Already I have two properties under offer. I am both loving it and exhausted all at the same time. This is career number three and I can assure it will be the last.

My heartfelt thanks to my wife Mandy and my family for supporting me completely during this transition. In simple terms I am thankful to be working and still doing something I love.

As for the image – it is the last picture I took as just a photographer – due to Covid_19 the clients had completely decanted their home to let me work with freedom. As you view them, they are waiting for me to finish so they can put their home on the market. I of course see the real story and capture “a moment in time” in essence “street photography” a story – the clients loved it because they were unaware, I had taken the shot. So, when they received the image, I got a fabulous response. For the clients it is something in years to come they will look back on fondly – for me it’s not just a job – its magic.


  1. I was going to say good luck…. but your abilities have obviously created your luck…. every new start leads to even more opportunities, grasp them all.

  2. Great to hear from you and congratulations on the new position and remaining employed. We live in challenging times right now and it’s tough out there. Stay safe 😊

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