Brough Pier towards Hoy

Brough Pier towrads Hoy

How about this for a view from your back garden this from a house I shot last week and yes it is their back garden view – WoW. There are a few seals on the slipway bottom right Hoy in the distance – you can even pick out the Old Man of Hoy above the coastline. Enjoy


  1. I’m finally getting my wish of having a water (creek) view from the new house. Something I’ve always wished for. It doesn’t hurt being just 5 minutes from the ocean either!

    Lovely shot! Doesn’t look like much beach to walk on though?

    1. No little or no beach lots of stones this on the very Northern tip of the Scottish Mainland and is mainly steep cliffs and rugged inlets very dramatic but only really appreciated from the sea.

    1. I was brought up in the city but visited the coast regularly – so I am not surprised to be living in Lossiemouth now – this view was just sheer drama plus clear views of Orkney completely sold me – the house needs lots of modernising though.

    1. No I afraid not Lyle as I would be paying for the view alone and that will cost you 200K and trust me it doesn’t always look like this – the house needs lots of work – the link to the property is in David’s reply above – it’s tired with much potential.

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