A Wee Sunset

A Wee Sunset

Took my first Sunset in a long time – I was put off by a few Judges comments but have decided just to take what I enjoy so here you go a wee glow for early March – Enjoy


  1. Screw the judges. I quit entering because it discouraged me from doing what I enjoy best. Glad to see you doing the same. VERY nice image indeed!

    1. Thanks but in all honesty I have learned loads from their comments you just have to accept photography is subjective – I get irritated but will continue to enter as the positive outweigh’s the negative – in fact I am now a judge myself with the Scottish Photographic Federation 🙂

    1. Ha Ha that’s what everyone is saying but I became a Scottish Photographic Federation to make positive critique – but we all know it is subjective 🙂

  2. Scott, a very captivating photo. Simply a terrific image. I agree with David’s view about critics and art. Press on and shoot what pleases you.

    1. Excellent advice – just shoot what you enjoy – but I am very aware of trying to offer some variety so as not to bore the audience – although with such few posts that wont be happening 🙂

  3. You already know my thoughts on critics particularly those in Camera Clubs and the Photo Press….it always seems negative and I sure has deterred more youngsters and beginners than it has encouraged…..anyway who is to say what is really right and how does anyone know what is right. Photography like all art is free expression…you may not like it others may well love it. Moan over. Great shot Scott as always….I just wish that this year we had had the opportunity for sunsets (or sunrises) we just seemed to be heading for one and it would fizzle out….the up side was lots of grey skies!!

    1. I agree about encouraging new photographers – in fact that is why I went to Edinburgh to the course with the Scottish Photographic Federation. I was tired of derogatory cheap shots by dinosaur judges so I became one. I try to be positive in my critique. I have only judged 3 times so far at my own club the out on the road at Inverness and Nairn. Both events seem to go well with positive feedback on the evening. One member actually came up and said I had been positive and supportive particularly to the novice people. I also understand someone who was reaching sufficient levels of confidence to enter a competition was going to do so after my visit. Hopefully he wont be deterred by the chap who actually judges his images.

    1. I am certain it is to do with wanting to share beauty that you have witnessed that makes you get cold or go that extra mile – modern kit is so good 🙂

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