Local Hero – another Tough Assignment

Pennan Bay March
Pennan Harbour  March
Pennan Harbour Scene
Pennan High Tide March

Another rough assignment on the 1983 set of Local Hero I was long overdue for a post and then along came the sun – enjoy


  1. Lovely images Scott……we are coming up to Aberdeenshire for two weeks in June, staying in Stonehaven, we might have to try and visit Pennan….it looks lovely.

    1. Mark Thank you – I hope you make it over – it can be tied in with Crovie and Gardenstown all close and all quiet different. Check out @Neily39 (Instagram) for location ideas in Aberdeenshire. If it works out you never know we may bump in to each other πŸ™‚

  2. It’s a tough life, but someone’s gotta do it! Not familiar with the Local Hero thing you refer to, but it’s such a lovely little village with some fantastic scenery.

  3. Ahh I remember the film so well Scott! I was at University in Stirling when the film was released. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories. Beautiful pictures. Nowhere like Scotland when the sun shines! πŸ™‚

    1. Cheers Sir, We have been getting quiet a bit of sunshine recently but the damn wind – I will stop before I get boring – the house associated with this shoot has already sold – no surprises there. I trust you are well

  4. Nice pictorial essay of a great location…love the opening shot…..like leecleland I miss those fishing boats of days now long gone. Although there is still lots of character along the East Coast villages there is no doubt some of the character (along with the livelihoods) has now been lost.

    1. Definitely lost boats David – many of the harbours have fought back with Marina’s and the Moray Council have just built a small dredger designed to sort out Moray and Aberdeenshire harbours (they have not been dredged in 10 years). An ambitious project which aims to recover considerable costs by hiring the dredger out around the UK. My own town Lossiemouth was a huge Herring port in it’s time and the images of yesteryear were simply wall to wall small boats. Places like Stonehaven, Arbroath, Aberdeen, Fraserburgh, Peterhead were really busy in my childhood but have still survived. Peterhead benefitted from Aberdeen’s success in the Oil era by taking over as the fishing Capital, Interestingly Aberdeen has gone a little quiet over the down turn. Waffle over – I trust you are well.

      1. Not quite fighting fit but well. Dredger! !… now I hadn’t heard of that initiative and hope it works for the ports and of course the communities. I was wondering where you were as not seen any post from you……and by all accounts the weather ain’t been that bad up along the Moray

  5. Lovely images of a coastal fishing village, from the boat harbour to the rising hills behind, but where is the fleet? It amazes me that so many of these coastal villages look like they have never changed from one centuary to the next. Where do all the people live if this is the total housing for the village? Do the younger ones migrate to the cities never to return? I have always been puzzled by this seeming ageless appearance of the villages. There doesn’t seem anywhere to expand to with the high hills right behind the houses. There doesn’t appear to be any urban sprawl (so to speak). Do you have any ideas on this Scott>

    1. That’s tough – but I will give it a go – Scotland’s population is a mere 5.2 million which includes 1/2 million English migrants. Then you look at the spread of population and the entire Highlands has only 250K people over the biggest part of the landmass. So what does that mean? It means there are not to many people up here. Historically these villages would have been purely fishing families. Accessible town’s like where I live Lossiemouth have expanded with the harbours turned in to Marina’s and the Fishertown dwellings turned in to holiday lets. The entire population of places like Pennan are on the whole incomers with money. The money buys in to a lifestyle not available anywhere else in the UK which are population heavy – boring but a reasonable stab to explain…. maybe lol.

      1. Thank you Scott for the lengthy reply. I hadn’t realised just how few people there are in the Highlands and you’ve explained clearly for me the puzzling part of these small villages and I can understand people wanting to get away from the big population centres entirely.

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