Norge – Ports, Channels and Cathedrals


This is Kristiansund a long exposure taken from the deck of the ship (why you can see a little movement in the ferry) The sky behind me was black but as you can see there was a great cloud formation to the aft of the ship. Kristiansund was the most visually stunning city we visited as the ship docks right in the centre of town, you sail in under a huge bridge, clearing the bridge by no more than 15ft and dock right by the “Chippy”. The town is built up from sea level – absolutely stunning. A Midnight Sun arrival could be spectacular.

Risoyrenna Channel nr Harstad

A view from my office – the temperature was around Ms 8C (plus wind chill) so gloves, buff and michelin man jacket are essential togs to be out on deck. The ship navigates the shallow waters of the 3 mile Risoyrenna Channel, where the sand banks and the sea-green waters are clearly visible on either side of the ship. You can see the light Aqua shallower area very close to the ship, next stop Lofotens

Nidaros Cathedral Trondheim

The final image is the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim The history of this magnificent building began in 1035, and the Cathedral was completed around 1300. Being damaged by several fires in the 15th and 16th century, large parts of the Cathedral lay in ruins for several hundred years. In 1869 extensive restorations were begun, and a century later the Cathedral was fully restored to its original grandeur (Welcome to Norway website)



  1. Wow, Scott! Very beautiful pictures! Especially the deep colours and contrasts are nice!

    best regards

  2. Love this series, Scott. My (paternal) family originates from Mandal, not that far from Kristiansund… I’m having to restrain myself from reading Hurtigruten emails that I get but usually bin! RH

    1. Yes Alexander it was a cracker – the northernmost of it’s kind apparently. The schedule was too tight to get a look around inside. I was amazed how well preserved the stone carvings were – perhaps helped by the cold temperatures.

  3. WOW! They are so beautiful dear Scott, but especially the second one fascinated me with the snowy mountains in the back… Great shots. Thank you, have a nice day, Love, nia

  4. “A Midnight Sun arrival could be spectacular” – so true of much of the voyage. I am itching to get back there in the summer. Another great set of images. Good to see Trondheim Cathedral – something we skipped due to a blizzard 🙂

    1. We didn’t mange to get in to the Cathedral as time was short and I was after the multi-coloured warehouses on stilts by the river but the sun didn’t get above the buildings until 1000 – so it was all a rush – worth a summer weekend trip which we can do from Aberdeen.

  5. Trondheim Cathedral does look special in that light….I think it is about July 21st we should be there so a very different scene awaits us (not being as hardy as you Scott’s it is summer sailing for us)

    1. It was 1000 David the sun had just popped up behind the Cathedral – it was just too much of a rush tbh, a weekend trip in warmer conditions would be justified.

  6. Lovely deep blues in your photo of Kristiansund, you just sink into it.
    The cathedral roof is quite striking, I take it it’s covered with copper, with all that green? Gives it an interesting look that’s for sure, especially while there is no green anywhere else, like on the trees.

    1. The Kristiansund shot was the best I could manage before we pulled out of harbour. What a setting you come in to this amphitheater of light under a high bridge and sit there 8 flights up – Baltic temperatures though

  7. Wow, Scott, these photos are amazing. There’s something different about them somehow, a special kind of light, especially the first one. Is it the midnight sun you refer to, or are these HD images? They really are magnificent. It sounds like you’re having a wondeful cruise. I’m very happyfor you.

    1. They are not HDR images, the colours are generated by the tungsten lighting in the harbour, The other light comes from the low winter sun and polar nights… I trust you are well Isabella

  8. I’ve docked in that very spot in Kristiansund. It’s one of the shortest walks from the sea to a pub that I can remember. Your photographs are nothing short of stunning, Scott. Each one has its own charms, I can’t say which is my favourite although the second one might just steal it. Really looking forward to the Lofoten pics. I’ve never been and would love to go.

    1. There was a chippy there too – ha ha but we didn’t get off as it was shot stop and I fancied trying to catch an oil rig as we left port but the movement of the boat killed that opportunity.

  9. Wow! That first image just leapt out of the screen at me. The colours are amazing. I can just imagine you all wrapped up and looking like the Michelin Man, against those below freezing temperatures. 🙂 The cathedral is absolutely stunning. You really do see some wondrous sights on your travels.

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