Norge – The Red Boat

Red Boat WM

I have decided to present this simple image as a solo blog on the basis it was my favorite image of the trip – I saw the boat coming from quiet a distance the contrast with the back drop struck me straight away. I assume the slight blur in the water is on the basis we are passing each other at 15kts.

Anyway a simple sky, stunning backdrop and a red boat a photographic trilogy – enjoy


  1. The atmosphere of that moment well capture….I can see why you like the image so much.
    Now being cynical and with tongue in cheek ….if I was a critic in one of the Photo Magazines or Photo Blogs I would possible say that the boat should be going right not left, should have more wake behind it and that sky why wasn’t it redder….and where are the Dolphins following the boat, you really should have coordinated them better!?
    Seriously a great shot, one to be justly proud of.

    1. David – appreciated and I know exactly what you mean via your jest – the camera club has made me accept that you shoot what you are presented with ha ha – I know I have improved technically but I also know that winning shots need more than that – hopefully 2015 will bring the opportunity 🙂

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