Break on Through (for the Highland Hospice)

Break on Through WM

Not my usual type of shot but I was at the Run for Colour with my wife at the weekend and got drawn to the colour stations – might even try this in the Camera Club this season
I have a few thoughts about cropping and composition but would welcome any feedback.

The Run for Colour was a fund raising vehicle for the Highland Hospice – you can still donate if you wish here is the link

21 thoughts on “Break on Through (for the Highland Hospice)

  1. Terrific shot, Scott, and completely unexpected. Personally, I wouldn’t crop it because it seems nicely balanced to me every bit of it tells a story, but I’d be interested to see what you might do to it.

  2. It’s a great image, but I find the guy in the shadows of the extreme left rather distracting. Rather than looking at the main action (the women being showered in orange), I found myself trying to figure out what that mystery figure was doing and why he was there? If it were my shot, I’d definitely crop him (her?) out.

    1. I agree – I did a different cop on Instagram effectively remove the shadowy chap on the left and the guy far right made it more focussed I thought

  3. Not quite Holi. Perhaps you could add a few thousand Indians.

    I think you can lose the person in the background on the far left. I also agree that removing the tape and pole would be a good idea. Should be fairly straightforward except for the area round the box on the far right which may be tricky to get right.

    1. I agree – I did a different cop on Instagram effectively remove the shadowy chap on the left and the guy far right made it more focussed I thought – I have also removed the tape – we shall see how it does in the club competitions

  4. My daughter signs up for charity runs frequently. She did a Color Run in Denver last summer and I was too concerned to go and photograph her…. not wanting me AND the camera caught in the color. I did get some great shots of her at the Mud Run 🙂

    1. Yes mud stays where it is supposed too – I was staying back with my zoom – the winds were light but still go covered in colour -they are cracking fun though

  5. This is such a cool photo, with so much going on, and I love the strong colour in it. Each of the figures tells a different story, but all have a common theme. I imagine it might not be too easy to crop, personally I find the red and white tape a bit distracting but I wouldn’t know how you’d loose that except photoshop it out. I am quite drawn to the two women who are just being doused in orange, their facial expressions and their body poses/movements. You said you had some ideas, I would love to see what you make of it, this is an exciting image to start with. I am sure it will turn out well, whatever you do or don’t do to it, as it is brilliant even as it is.

    1. I have cropped both the shadowy left figure and right figure completely – I have removed the red tape and pole which took more time than I expected. I may post the result to get some thoughts but probably will decide on which shot I will enter with – almost certainly the crop 🙂

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