Painting with Light – Cul Beag

Painting with Light WM

Well my son Jamie broke me physically by dragging me up Cul Beag in Inverpolly recently. I hadn’t climbed for quiet a while and was jiggered by the time we hit the top. Fortunately we were blessed by this wonderful canvas of light. Inverpolly is definitely my favourite corner of Scotland. In this view you can see Cul Mor on the right and the incomparable Suliven in the distance the various lochs lead towards Enard Bay. I am collapsed in a heap out of shot 🙂


  1. Well, I thought initially you’d gone gliding! Maybe the climb was better 🙂 The shot made me smile a happy smile, and that can’t be bad.

  2. Magnificent panorama Scott. The climb was worth the prize. The cloud shadowing, the specled terrain of lochs and the perspective make this photograph top notch!

  3. Completely lovely. Reminds me of the views over Loch Lomond once one has climbed? slogged? stumbled? up one of the lower hills on the east side, Conic. RH

  4. So well worth the collapse! Such a luscious view. And the light… you really lucked out on this one, making that climb well worth it.

  5. that’s why we have children, isn’t it? Exhausting but bringing us to new heights! Beautifully rewarded you were.

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