Boat of Brig

Boat of Brig WM

The word Boat in this bridges name should be enough to identify that it is on the site of a historic ferry crossing of the Spey. What is perhaps more surprising, however, is that there was a Medieval Bridge on the site, later replaced by a ferry. The medieval bridge here was built by Muriel de Polloc, and seems to have served for many years, with the tolls supporting a local hospital. It seems most likely that the bridge was replaced by a ferry only after floodwater from a storm washed it away, although the date is not known at present.
In 1830, however, a bridge replaced the ferry once more. The structure was a Suspension Bridge designed and built by Captain Samuel Brown RN, and believed to be his only bridge. Due to the type of light traffic that used the roads at the time, it is probable that the bridge was a fairly lightweight structure. The tollhouse for this bridge still survives on the eastern shore. (The focus of my photograph)
The modern bridge was constructed in 1952 to replace the old Suspension Bridge. It consists of a single arch-topped steel truss through which a single file of traffic can pass. The abutments are stone, the one to the west bank considerably back from the river channel to allow for floodwater. The bridge sits next to the railway line from Aberdeen to Inverness, with the steel truss bridge showing a trapezoid outline next door.The other point of interest is that the bridge has its name cast into the small truss sections over the roadway at each end. (Historical from Sabre Wiki)

Some background for my mono capture – enjoy.


  1. Now that shot really does work in monochrome. Love the perspective. It also proves you get out in the rain!!! ….as should I. Despite knowledge of the area it is remiss of me not to have discovered this spot – its now on the list (-:

    1. David I don’t get out in the rain enough – got lazy too many record shots for work although my farming landscapes have improved composition of hay bails ha ha. I seem to have had several comments drop out. 4 appeared today including yours. This image gave me my first Camera Club win after several runners up slots. Also recently completed the Scottish Photographic Federation Judges Course at Edinburgh Photographic Society – worth it to see the building alone. I trust you and your family are well and love watching your posts although WordPress does not see too much of me currently – all the best Scott

    1. Michael this is a determined attempt to improve by going in to different areas and trying to find a different compositional approach to known locations – I hope you are well and have enjoyed the summer.

    1. Thanks Sonja – this got me a first in the Camera Club from 85 images including 2 from Ian Cameron – very satisfying – WordPress has suffered against my workload but hope to achieve more when Autumn kicks in and the property market calms a little. I hope Joe is enjoying his job – Scott

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