Still – Buckie

Still Buckie WM

Anyway I thought to myself I better get a blogpost up or my fellow bloggers will be thinking he has sold his camera gear – this was a lovely calm day with mixed light which I captured when it was just how I like it calm warm and low sun. Hand held what can I say – enjoy


  1. Love the broody skies. I’m also finding that a new partner and life in general can certainly take over the photography bits.

    1. The sun was popping in and out so I composed the shot and waited for that splash of light. I photograph every day but I am not going on my explore trips so often which is stifling my creativity – but I am very happy

      1. Hmmm… interesting thought. I wonder if happiness naturally leads to stifled creativity. So it would seem from my current situation. Oh, the sacrifice! πŸ˜€

    1. Buckie is a huge port which would have been extremely busy but not anymore – the repair yards have all shut bar one. It does generate some great reflections – I have a 9 shot panorama which I will eventually print.

      1. It , like everything in todays world has changed so fast…all my images of Buckie and its sister ports are 6×4.5 tranis taken not that long ago for a Heritage feature, it was just at the turning point of the ports fortunes…..I need to see how some scans look but then again I never feel happy with scans either mine or ones I have had done ain the Labs….too used to our digital quality

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