Dunvegan Noir

Dunvegan Noir

I have been wanting to mess around with noir style editing processes again since publishing the ‘Wreck at Corpach’ so here is the result it only works for certain images and of course I dont want to over do it but I rather like this – enjoy.


  1. Missed this when you first posted it……My first shots of Dunvegan were in Black and White for a travel mag of the time. Budget only allowed one shot on each shoot to be on colour film so no trial and error of viewpoint. I got a great colour shot, but it was the B&W that was used for the full page opening spread. Hard to think back as to how fast things have changed from 5×4 Field Camera, heavy wood tripod, Colour film rated at 10 ASA…to know and a bag of Nikons collectively lighter than the 5X4 with a medium that allows you to change both ISO (the old ASA) and colour balance on the go and at will……and of course magazines predominantly B&W….add for me doesn’t seem that long ago (-:

    1. Interestingly I have been trying a Fuji XT10 effectively the XT1 minus the ISO dial on the top plate. 16mb RAW files. Impressive images and tracking focus – but initially I struggled with the non Nikon setup and the fact it was physically so small so may trade it in – but promised myself to stick with it for 6 months for a true evaluation. Light weight versus the Nikons though perfect around town especially with a pancake fixed focal lens.

      1. Yep, weight is a problem. I don’t know if I mentioned it before but I struggled with my D800 (still do), It was a disappointment compared with the D600 (which is also lighter). Then reflecting on just how good my D700 images were I jumped in and got a Df. So pleased. Its more compact yet so solid and as light if not lighter then the D600 and I love the retro dials…they just fall to hand so easily and for those quick more often used changes to ISO and exposure compensation so much easier and more positive, even with gloves on. I bought it body only…a bit of hunting around and you can get a good price for the body without the kit lens that Nikon seem to want U.K. buyers to have. So D600 is now back up and D800 on the shelf.

  2. Something in my DNA, but I just don’t “get” this urge to go monochrome or black and white unless the weather creates it.

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