Meakle Cleary – Portnockie

Portnockie Lee plus Colour S

Well here is another with the Little Stopper at almost high tide with F8 and 4 sec exposure – This is the rugged yet beautiful Buckie Coast at Portnockie on the Moray Firth – enjoy


  1. I do like that image. Now that is just about right freeze/blur (well that’s my opinion) too many folk seem intent on exposures lasting ages and it ruins the feel. Portnockie….memories too of this part of the Moray coast.

    1. Aye David around 4 secs still messing – don’t worry wont be going too fine art on you 🙂 THis coats I have always rated but as I dig deeper and look wider afield it is growing even more on me.

  2. Beautiful Scott. My 10 stopper is on it’s way, I can’t wait to play with it 🙂

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