Balnakeil Beach Reflection S

Have to share this wee not so hidden anymore gem if you find it on a day like this it is really special – easily accessible and you can walk for miles #recommended

Balnakeil Beach in Spring Guise S


  1. I can just look at your pictures with two thoughts: I wish I was there and I wish I had taken the picture. Beautiful!

  2. I definitely would! (walk for miles 🙂 ) A distinct shortage of blue skies in my bit of the world lately, Scott. You’ve been hogging them all up there. 🙂

  3. Memories (and these had faded)…I recall a long drive round Loch ‘Horrible’ as I am told those in the Navy who spent a good deal of time there during the war renamed it. If I recall there was a ‘craft village’ being set up in the village of Balnakeil itself. But yep, once you get down to the Bay it is both peaceful and beautiful…..and we too had magic weather. Days to be cherished.

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