Caisteal Bharraich (Castle Varrich)

Caisteal Barrich - Castle Varrich
Incredibly diverse light on Castle Varrich – Kyle of Tongue

The aim of this image was to show how much good light is around at the height of the day this was taken about 14:30 there had been stormy weather and sunshine around in equal doses – the tide was receding which offered the variety of colour in the loch denoting the various depths – throw in some mottled light on the far hills that gives you some classic landscape light (foreground middle and distance interest) – enjoy


  1. See I told you it isn’t all a case of early mornings and late evenings….all it needs is you eye and a little cloud and you have a great shot as always. Distant drama and scale just fine πŸ™‚

    1. I love being out there some days when it’s flat light and thats all you see in that location you kinda think – no shot here. Then you return and there is light like this – it is screaming out to be captured.

    1. Ah that’s good your were drawn in to a second look by the title – shows how important titles can be in allowing someone to find your work on line.

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