Above the Government


A Second post from Berlin earlier this year. I am considering using this is a monochrome competition entry so I hope you like it. It is another take on “Transparent Demokratie” the magnificent Reichstag Building in Berlin – enjoy


    1. Thanks but as I mentioned to Adrian – having slept on it – I may well go with another Reichstag shot – it is a location that generates shots every which way you return.

  1. That’s an impressive bit of architecture and your photo shows it off beautifully. Best of luck with the competition.

  2. Very nice indeed Scott. I took a similar shot when I was there last year 🙂

      1. I cannot deny I took bucket loads I would like to have taken a shot on the main roof looking in to the dome from the outside with the lights clearly on but sufficient blue in the sky – I will have to return – loved it truly gorgeous

    1. You know – sleeping on a project is a worthwhile thing to do and I may well choose another Reichstag image – one which has a little less going on – either way I am confident it wont enthuse the judge – ha ha

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