Stalker – in it’s Landscape

Castle Stalker Spring Aerial

tech – aerial – DJI Phantom 4 Pro 20Mb PNG, processed solely in Adobe RAW.

I have been so distracted by my core photography (that, which pay’s the bills) I have been distracted from being creative. Whilst mulling this concept in my mind – I then decided that whilst I may have become a competent Travel Photographer my Landscape work had suffered. I am fine with this scenario as my property work is benefitting and that shouldn’t disappoint me. Naturally, though I want to take the sort of image that says WoW and this image says WoW to me…. which at the end of the day is all that matters. In other words, I must take images that satisfy me – otherwise, why would I bother shooting at all – hopefully you will enjoy this image as much as I do…..


  1. Oh, that’s one nice toy, isn’t it? Beautiful shot, with so much depth. And yes, you have to maintain that work/art balance.

  2. Excellent – I love the the new perspectives you get from a drone, the only drawback being, finding the few days when the wind drops enough for sensible flying (not altogether confident with my piloting skills yet).

  3. …..and I agree, but would also suggest that the photography that pays the bills has to be creative too otherwise you wouldn’t be getting paid for it. As for this shot of Castle Stalker…..well a drone is the answer for this location, it does put the castle into true perspective with the location. (Note to self – resist temptation to buy a Drone) 🙂

    1. Advice to David – get one you wont regret it. They are easy to fly – and are propery bedded in now – with good photo quality and 30 mins flying time you just have to risk asses each flight and be disciplined regarding – when to fly and when not too. More challenging in England as it is more populated.

  4. Scott, this image says WoW to me, as well. And I agree with your words about deriving self satisfaction with your photography.

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