More Ice Battles


Really getting into this Ice Hockey stuff using JPEGs over RAW to speed up capture – even starting to predict the shots – lol anyway thought you might enjoy the spills and thrills

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    1. Yes and free entry – as I give them the pics don’t have a clue what I’m doing – just tracking n snapping and then cropping – great fun and starting to predict action as I learn the game. Interestingly I have also been shooting candid portraits of players either high on success or down on their luck – great fun – don’t have the right kit for this though need a faster zoom and dx body to get a higher frame count – enjoyable all same with a bit of stretch thrown in.

      1. With a DX you don’t give yourself as much scope for cropping. But I guess frame count is the key. Mind you as predicting the action become second nature you may not need to make any change…save the dosh 🙂

      2. As always David great advice this a bit of stretch going to try some rugby too little slower although bigger pitch – only thing I won’t be doing is weddings

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