A Feast for your Eyes

Spanish Synagogue 9

Okay, those of you who follow me on Instagram will know I was on holiday in Prague recently, well I took 387 images and edited some 130+ so stand by for a whirling dervish of visual pleasure. The first I must share with you is a detail of the ceiling at the Spanish Synagogue Prague as the title says take your time to appreciate the fine pattern detail – simply breathtaking. Enjoy


    1. Aye, we dwelt there – nothing to do with the light rain shower outside either – lots of sobering stuff in the Jewish Sector but this was a little special.

  1. That’s incredible, Scott. The colours are so strong and the detail remarkable, it’s a wonderful shot. I hope you enjoyed your time in Prague, I’ve never been but I believe it has a lot to offer.

    1. You will have gathered the Pacific Coast lost out to European City – purely down to cost tbh, we shall need to save a little harder for a run down the Pacific Coast. But this was just what the doctor ordered.

      1. Cost and that long flight over here would have put me off, but then you get to go to places I’d enjoy visiting in Europe. (Thanks, for the virtual visit at any rate!) I’ve given up on flying these days since planes seem to be imitating cattle cars with wings more and more! 😦 Though the cost can be prohibitive, too.

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