Pantheon Complete

I originally published just 4 images but after review of what I had taken I thought the quality of the building justified publishing a more comprehensive selection. I hope you enjoy and get the chance to visit – I am desperate to return with my D800 to see how much more detail I could acquire.

10 thoughts on “Pantheon Complete

    1. Cheers Mark, interesting that you chose to highlight that image, which for me when I was compiling the post was well down the batting order – subjectivity etc – the one that strikes me – and I didn’t intend it too was “Pantheon Scale” where the wide angle in extreme – completely overcooks the ceiling but it doesn’t work on a landscape screen – it would need a very large portrait print to have true resonance.

  1. I remember your ‘post’ ….they were, and are, great shots. Not sure detail by the time images are printed or on screen will be any more detailed (unless you are aiming for Billboard Hoardings). Biggest benefit will be that you can crank up the iso on the 800 and that will give some more scope on interiors and I find a better dynamic range especially in the shadows….. now whether the new shots would be ‘really’ any better than these great images would be for you to ponder. But would be fun trying 🙂

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