Prague – Charles Bridge

So as I hinted in my last post – you will have to suffer loads of Prague – I started with the wow of the Spanish Synagogue, This is a much more travel orientated post providing a day/night detailed overview of the Charles Bridge. The bridge has potential for some serious photography, tripod and all early morning or late night long exposure etc. These are all handheld Fuji X-T10 a 16MP X-Trans CMOS II APS-C sensor – which has long been superseded but as David Oakes pointed out can I improve the quality especially when shooting RAW. So enough of the technical stuff. This is a homage to Mark Simms travel prowess covering a wide aspect of the subject over day and night. My question to you is did I choose the right lead cover shot… Enjoy


  1. Went to Prague for my 30th birthday……..too many years ago now and before my “proper” photography days. It’s on the re-visit list. Brilliant photos.

  2. Great shots one and all, though I think you picked the right one to feature… tho the night shot comes in as a close second. I think your choice gave a better feel for the detail that went into buildings and structures of that era. Reminds me a bit of Riga.

      1. Latvia was the one European visit I did manage. It was a bit of a travel back to my roots since I was born there. I happened to be there shortly before it regained independence. Soviet days had not been kind, but I hear it’s been cleaned up and restored… though also getting plagued with a reputation for rowdy visitors from other European countries.

        Looks like your choice of travel was a good one! 🙂

  3. Beautiful shots, could not have gone wrong with any of those as cover shots, although I am a bit partial to the one at night ~ it looks like a great scene.

  4. Great trip… Looks like another location to put on that list that gets longer. Trips like this really test the skill of the ‘travelling’ photographer and you have obviously know how to do it making images from what is there rather than the imagined what might be if only we were there earlier later/had more time/ less people. 🙂

    1. I am pretty certain we are not supposed to achieve those bucket lists simply aspire to them… I would like to return to England as a tourist at some point – been away long enough to appreciate it now probably.

    1. TBH I went on the image fit as a header – they don’t always do – my blog is one of those that needs to be opened up and that’s not so easy in the current WP interface.

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