Prague – Rooftops

So “Moving On” (cheers Gunta) – you have chosen to follow me across the bridge – now we have a collection of looking up and rooftop views of the City and Castle – the city has a real mix of building styles – lots of wonderful Art Deco Rooftops as well as classical. These are big images with plenty detail so I do recommend looking at them on the gallery carousel. Enjoy


  1. Cheers, back-acha! Breathtaking photography of an architectural style I dearly love. There seem to be some rather close similarities to Old Town Riga. The red roofs, the statues and other intricate details. I’d love to see you capture that one some day. Then again, I wouldn’t mind seeing what you do with our coastline some day! 😀

      1. It’s interesting you say that because I often think that I should be more discerning about the shots I post/share……take more images, but post less. But I guess I’m just an old snapper at heart.

      2. Don’t get me wrong if I have shots I’m particularly pleased with it will be single posts but travel stuff like Prague, Berlin etc I like the storyline approach.

  2. Great trip…..That is what our architecture is lacking today…. detail in design and in areas that are not bang in the eyeline. Sadly we seem to knock then down here and replace with girders hung with aluminium cladding or perhaps just a little better glass. Not that they will last for future generations to admire. 🙂

    1. I was very pleasantly surprised David, I had heard when Prague first appeared on the market that buildings were in poor condition – but it looks like they have been reinvesting the profits of tourism to renovate and maintain, speculate to accumulate so to speak. Most of all it was reasonable cost wise – I didn’t feel we were getting ripped off. I also felt very safe.

  3. What a wonderful collection, I like the art deco and was particularly drawn to Prague View 3 – beautiful.

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