Prague – Architecture

So below the rooftops is an eclectic mix of architecture old new classic, communist practicality all swept up vibrantly in lines and diagonals textures. I suggest opening the gallery will offer quality and scale.


  1. Lovely details! Loved the colors and patterns in the Metro, but the upside down horse was hilarious. Great catch! 🙂

    1. Deep Decent – that is pleasing – I was attracted to the very deep escalator generating a wild perspective. But I here I didn’t just shoot the scene – I waited to ensure some people close enough to me to add to scale. So really pleased thanks Lorna

  2. Hello Mr Marshall, Thank you for your help finding the window of St Ninian you once photographed, I finally got to see it a couple of weeks ago. Can I ask, you don’t live in Prestwick do you? Mail for Scott Marshall was mistakenly delivered to my address yesterday instead of a house round the corner from me. Thanks again, Stephen


  3. Some super shots there Scott….never been to Prague so I guess that goes on the bucket list (you no the list that gets longer with no possibility of getting completed!) Compared with most places in the UK cities, I find it refreshing that these places seem so clean. 🙂

    1. I remember watching a travel program about Prague early on – saying it was a hidden gem but it badly needed work on its buildings or it would lose out to competitors. It would appear to have heeded that warning as it is a well cared for city with lots of ongoing restoration projects. We traveled far and wide – certainly into the suburbs well beyond tourist-ville.

      1. About 12 years ago I went to Gdansk on a magazine assignment on the ‘new’ boat building industry. Our plane arrived late (Wiz Air…what a name!) so our host took us straight to the town centre for lunch. He was showing off the market square, it looked fantastic, all these old architecturally unique and colourful buildings. I made the comment on how well maintained it all was… at that point he smiled and said “after the war this did not exist, everything flattened by bombing raids but we have rebuilt it exactly as it was. We used pre-war photos to enable us to replicate the square and buildings. It is also only the fronts, the facias that look old, the buildings behind are modern”. After lunch he took us to a museum in the square to see before, during and after images. The devastation was total but the outward restoration perfect. I have never looked at European towns and cities without wondering if the Gdansk approach has been used. The business side of the trip was great, some great images even though we had to avoid showing H&S issues we would not accept in the UK.

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