A Kirk on Sunday

Tain - St Andrews Episcopal Church - Winter

An idea pinched from David Oakes Occasional Diary (link) David often posts a blog called Sunday “So off to Church” where he delves in to his huge archive and produces a gorgeous English Church dressed up in perfect sunshine – so I was sitting editing my archive some 1100 “to be edited” in Ross and Cromarty and came across this unedited peach of St Andrews Tain in winter guise and could resist sharing it. I decided you needed a wee breather from Prague before I hit you with “Prague Finale” – so here is St Andrews Tain – Enjoy

9 thoughts on “A Kirk on Sunday

  1. Lovely church…sorry Kirk… but now you have started you will need to continue the theme. But I do need to correct you, not all the churches that I feature are English, some are Welsh and even some from Scotland. In fact the 15th October last year featured one such ‘Kirk’ all be it a ruin. Here’s the link https://davidoakesimages.wordpress.com/2017/10/15/
    As I said, now you have started to need to keep going, good hunting. 🙂

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