Prague ~ Finale

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So we have arrived at my final offering from Prague – interestingly I have chosen to lead with a street photography image and unbelievably for those of you that follow me regularly this should be quite a surprise especially as there are another 4 street shots in this portfolio. It is an eclectic selection offering a good feel for the city. I have one image amongst the selection which I am very proud off can you guess which? I hope you have been teased into a visit yourself. Enjoy


  1. Oh Scott, these are truly lovely. I especially like the St Vitus Colour Depth, but, they are all wonderful images. You must have had a ‘ball’ in Prague; another bucket list destination… 🙂

    1. Street with out knowledge gets great expressions – we had a street photographer John Farnan in to the club for a talk and he is right in people’s faces to get them to sign a model release. But that takes a confident person. It also makes the individual conscious of the camera.

  2. So many street images of people in one blog post is certainly a surprise. I don’t know which one is your particular favourite but the two St Vitus colour ones really stood out for me. I’ve seen that effect of stained glass in churches but I haven’t seen such good photos of it.

    1. Thanks Lorna, I haven’t set out to shoot street scenes but I’m spotting more opportunities these days so perhaps more will appear. My favourite was the guy with the broken leg watching the girl. Which was just luck as I was shooting the light in the tunnel and waited on the girl to walk in to the gap for scale – unbeknown to me he was watching her too.

  3. Great tour…thanks for taking us to Prague (the bucket list is far toooooo long to add yet another destination)…… I wonder what was going thru that lads head as his gaze followed the young lady – best not ask.

    1. Best not ask – a perfect comment David as I explained to Lorna that was chance, I was waiting for the girl to fit in the gap at the end for scale and interest. It wast until I reviewed the images I spotted the gaze ha ha

  4. Very, very beautiful collection. The ‘Dancing House’ is just a bit too weird for my taste. But if I had to choose a favorite it would be ‘St Vitus Colour Depth’! I’d be very proud of that one most of all. ‘Watching Passers By’ made me smile… 😀 Great selections here.

    1. Many thanks the light through the stained glass always takes you breath away throw in that beautiful sculpture and wow. So glad you enjoyed the trip to Prague

      1. So, I didn’t pick your favorite. The guy with the broken leg, drooling over the girl is funny, but I’m not a particular fan of street scenes. I suspect I’m being a bit of a curmudgeon regarding humanity. I avoid it whenever possible. 😉

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