Loch Maree ~ Slioch

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So with a predominance of European images I wanted to return home and some Scottish landscape. This post demonstrates how fortunate I am to be earning a living as a photographer. I was shooting a plot at Garve just NW of Inverness, once complete I headed west for a wander, unfortunately, the weather was poor – I was also short of fuel so I had the choice to head back to Inverness or onwards to Kinlochewe. Fortunately, I continued west although the weather wasn’t improving. I popped over the top into Glen Docherty and stopped at the Loch Maree viewpoint and wow it was a spectacular change to the weather conditions. Looking down Loch Maree it was clear that I was on the edge of the weather front so I shot the classic view and headed down for fuel in Kinlochewe. Ironically a cloudburst soaked me when I was refueling which almost sent me home but once I had paid for fuel and bought a sandwich the next season came along and off I went to be presented with the most sublime conditions looking at a stunning perfectly calm reflection of Slioch across Loch Maree. The moral of the tale is to keep plugging away as you don’t know what’s around the corner. Enjoy


  1. Outstanding young man…outstanding. I guess you have to be out standing to take these excellent pictures too.

  2. So agree with your advise about ‘keep plugging away’! And here on the coast you never know what the weather might do. Just some miles up the road past one of the many Capes or Points, it could be totally different.

    1. The phrase we have in Scotland when a tourist complains about the weather is “if you don’t like the weather wait 20 mins” ha ha so true – especially true at the coast. Scott

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Scott, and worthy of a ‘scenic Scotland’ calendar. Your story is a perfect example of how changeable the Scottish weather is, and a good reminder that if you wait a bit you’ll often be rewarded.

    1. Always wanted to do a Calendar but never got round to it. The market place is flooded now and with the low volumes I would be printing would the price point rather high. But I might just do one to show the kids. Lol

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