Magnificence at Laggan

Loch Laggan Autumn Gold

Straight in to another Aerial ( I am trying to tip David Oakes in to a drone purchase) I have had this image in mind for some time – at least since it became possible (via a drone). Loch Laggan Dam which is located in Glen Spean close to Roybridge is a great sight when it is releasing water at the height of winter to take pressure from the dam. But try and get an original photograph not easy we all end up with variations on the same theme – the days of getting out on to the dam structure itself are long gone. In fact this was a recce for a shot I have had in mind which needs a little more snow – but once I had seen the results on the screen – it simply had to be published. This is late October in Scotland we have already had some naughty weather but this is sublime Scotland to be visited and enjoyed – so crack on… let it snow for that shot I really want. Enjoy


  1. Many years ago, on one of my many trips to Scotland, I stood there and was already impressed by it, but overlooking it like this has made me feel small in what I saw then..
    Great capture with a little help from modern technology 😉

    1. As I was saying to Gunta – this drone is so much higher quality than its predecessor of only 2 years ago. I think shot can be improved once there is more snow on the hills. Also perhaps the water discharging would add some movement to the shot. Lots of people are taking drone images now but I still think if you use the drone as a camera, not a flying machine then lots of possibilities will display themselves.

  2. Amazing shot! I’m curious what sort of camera your drone has. Eric is truly enjoying his. I don’t have the whatever-it-takes to make that toy do its thing. But some of the aerials are stunning here. Lots of time it’s too many flying restrictions. Can’t fly them in National (and sometimes State) Parks, but there’s still plenty of opportunities. I’ll likely include at least one overhead when I get around to posting the Painted Hills trip… but first, there’s Mount Rainier! 😀 Or am I being too prolific??? O_o

    1. It is a DJI Phantom 4 Pro – it has a large 1 Inch sensor which produces 4K Video and 24mb RAW files which can be edited exactly the same way as my DSLR. My previous drone had an awful fisheye lens which produced very bendy horizons and a wonky green/blue images- but this camera is incredible and now with Hasselblad in on the act – considering an upgrade not for the drone but for the camera. the best thing with this drone is the 30 mins flying time over 3 batteries and the sensors. It is a wonderful era we live in so many ways.

  3. That is a gorgeous shot, Scott.. My thoughts on opening the post were “Oh wow”.
    Okay, I’ll be on the lookout for that ‘snow’ shot.. 🙂

  4. Glen Spean…. always a great spot, even just to drive thru. But that is one great shot and I can see why you were so thrilled to capture it….just what drones are conceived for. Now the challenge is to head back after some proper snow and repeat. 🙂 PS I am still keeping my pocket money firmly in my pocket!…. well for now at least.

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