The Proclaimers

So when you get your Fuji X-T10 removed by security and you have to try and grab some concert memories using your mobile just goes to show how capable the modern mobile phone is – effectively killing the small compact camera market. These were taken using a Samsung Note 9 – some on AUTO some on Pro settings (which gives full manual control over the image including ISO and WB. I find using manual settings and slightly under exposing the image works best. Oh and btw The Proclaimers were rather good too. Enjoy


  1. Been to many concerts/gigs and have to agree with the boyfriend saying, it,s not about the picture you share or manage to capture, it,s about the memory and feeling you keep at heart.. (and still try to sneak in a camera 😉)

  2. It just makes a joke out of removing cameras when everyone sticks a phone up in the air!…. I have a Huawei (no not the expensive one that is in all the adverts) and whilst not as grand as your Note 9, it still produces some great images, images often in far from good situations. Get the pixel size improved and you can throw the cameras away!!!

    1. Mandy said it wasn’t about the camera it was the removable lens being somewhere to hide explosives – so a security issue – we were all body scanned – presumably as a result of the Manchester concert bomb. But I disagree regarding the future of cameras. You are limited to small lenses which means no zoom with any level of quality. Printing is limited to A4 and no Aurora or Astrophotography etc. Great for family gatherings and travel photography excellent for Architectural and detailed work. I am just trying to eke out another 10 years to full retirement 🙂

  3. Good preview of Sansung taking over the photographic world. 😀
    Seriously… what’s the next step? a camera superior to the current models that fits on your retina and you blink to take a snap. But how to get the tourist included in the ‘selfie’?

    I do love the way a camera that is far less cumbersome can come up with images that are superior to the previous larger, heavier one I had.

    1. Top end mobiles are fantastic especially for family shots and snaps – they deliver really decent quality. I can also shoot RAW and edit exactly as I would with DSLR. But they have limitations they can’t cope with complex strong light situations. So the camera will be around for a while. On this occasion, I was really pleased to have it with me.

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