Tom Walker at “The Loft”

Cracking music gig courtesy of my wife – I was treated to see Tom Walker on his “Home Run” Acoustic Tour a Scot born in Glasgow but brought up in Manchester – he won the BRIT’s breakthrough Act 2019. I cannot deny I was attending in support of my wife who is the fan. Having listened to his playlist on Spotify I wasn’t sure if he was my cup of tea or not. But I was wrong he was a powerful passionate voice and very skilful musician – who went down a treat with this small venue acoustic tour – a cracking evening – these are a few of the snaps I got on my Fujifilm XT1 shooting at 1/60th and High ISO Crowd POV. This about the 5th gig I have shot with the little Fuji and I have decided I would love to try shooting with a bigger camera and a bit more freedom – so may well approach some local bands. We shall see.

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